Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks for Your Home’s Table

In order to more effectively prepare for Thanksgiving, we wanted to give you some tips about decorating for your dining room table—which is often the centerpiece of Thanksgiving activities. Whether you’re using your table on Thanksgiving Day, a Friendsgiving after the fact, or just wanting it to stand out during the month of November in general—here are some fun table tips & tricks.

Thanksgiving Tablecloths
If you have burlap, linen, or cotton material lying around, those are always great types of material to use for a tablecloth this time of year. Whatever you use, think about adding some kind of texture to your table—usually in a muted tone so that you can add the pop and sparkle with your other elements. If you don’t have a large piece of fabric to cover the entire table, then cut it down into a circle or oval to fit the center of your table so that the cloth frames the centerpiece nicely. You can also cut a thinner, longer strip that runs the length of the table. In short: you don’t have to cover your whole table to add some unique texture.

Your Table’s Centerpiece
You don’t have to go wild with your centerpiece to make your table feel warm, welcoming, and ready for Thanksgiving. Start with finding the biggest focal point, and then add smaller elements around it. Do you have ripe pumpkins or gourds left over from Halloween? What about some beautiful candles, or some red and yellow flowers with a vase? You can use them on your table as the focal point. Find some colorful leaves—either fake from a store or real ones from your own backyard—and scatter them in a fun way around your centerpiece to bring in autumn undertones.

Thanksgiving Tableware
Cloth napkins can be really fun this time of year—but if you don’t have any, then paper ones will do just fine. Brush up any napkin by tying them with twine and adding some leaves into the twine. While it’s fun to get out the fancy china for the adults, there are always numerous Thanksgiving inspired plates and napkins at your local convenience or grocery store that you can have for both adults and children if you want an easier clean up afterwards.

Glasses Galore
Instead of using the same old glasses you always use, spruce it up with some other ideas. How about cutting apples in half, hallowing them out, and filling them with apple cider? What about some fun mason jars to bring about a rustic yet classic look to your table? There are a plethora of cocktail ideas online, too—using fun, different sorts of cups. Again, if you feel like want to use classic china for the adults, kids will always enjoy something unique and not easily breakable—such as mason jars.