How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

As winter approaches, it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of things to think through to prepare your house and property for those long, cold months. So we’re providing you with a blog post to help you think through what might be issues and how to best prepare your home for the winter.

These tips will help you lower your heating and winter damage expenses in the long run.

Inside Your Home:

Check that all your windows and doorframes are secure so that you’re not leaking cold air into the home. Make sure there are no signs of rot or decay, as well as broken windows, and replace glass or caulk if necessary.

If you have a built in fireplace, check that for drafts, and always replace the air filter in your furnace at the beginning of the winter season. Remove any portable air conditioners from windows or insulate them to keep cold air out.

Reverse the direction of your fans so that warm air will be blown down to the floor to keep your home warmer.

Outside of your Home:

Turn off and unplug your outdoor hoses and sprinkling systems, because frozen pipes outside can destroy your plumbing. Thoroughly inspect your gutters, because snow and ice will cause any issues to get exasperated. Are they securely fastened to your house? Are they really clogged from fall leaves? Clean them of any debris.

Make to sure to rake and clean your downspouts and storms drains so that melting snow can have a clear pathway away from flooding or damaging your foundation.

Inspect any vents and openings to ensure small birds and animals won’t decide to find a warm place inside your attic or basement.

Hopefully, these tips can help you avoid a winter disaster and save on your bills! Keep you home secure and warm this season.