New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home in 2018

Happy New Year! We hope that this New Year will bring you amazing memories for you home and loved ones. As we dive into 2018, we thought it would be fun to talk about some fun New Year’s Resolutions you can do for you home in 2018.

Declutter Your Home for The New Year

As you start out the New Year, maybe it’s time to find new homes for the stuff that tends to accumulate throughout your dwelling during the entire year. Do you really need 15 jackets or that out-of-date atlas anymore? What about those old moth-eaten sweaters or the old bike with flat tires you never ride?  The New Year is a great time to reevaluate what you’d like to keep within your home and declutter your living environment so that you start out fresh and ready for a whole new outlook on life!

Create A Cleaning Schedule or Chore Chart

The New Year may be the perfect time to think about tidying up more frequently in 2018, and a cleaning schedule or chore chart are great ways to get you and your family excited about straightening up more. You can give incentives and rewards to help motivate less than enthusiastic family members—like trips to the movies or the zoo—and make it a fun, family activity each week to help clean your home and keep it organized.

Think About A fun Home Project To Do Together

Is there an area in your house or yard that you’ve always put off doing anything about? Are you tired of that spare bedroom and feel as if it’s time to spruce it up with something new? The New Year can be a perfect time to evaluate what DIY projects you may want to get done during 2018. Don’t get too overwhelmed: pick just one or two things to focus on, like the garden in the backyard or your boy’s bedroom, and make it a fun New Year’s Resolution to renovate or update those one or two areas this year. Include your family in the process and make it a great project to work together on throughout the upcoming year.

Whatever you end up doing this year, we wish you and your home the best for 2018!