Go Check out The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

We always like to highlight the amazing places and people that make our city really stand out—and today we’d love to talk about a museum in the area that you may or may not know about yet that is truly unique to our region.

Colorado Springs is home to a museum called The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (CSPM). The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is an amazing museum to go to if you’re interested in studying the rich history of the Pikes Peak region. From Western art to Pueblo Indian culture to space exploration, this region has amazing stories to tell—and the Pioneers Museum helps tell these stories through displays and special events each year.

In fact, about 90,000 people come through the museum each year (which is located downtown). It holds about 60,000 objects—including regional art, Native American artifacts, and historical collections centered around the founding of Colorado Springs. It also has an archives and research library for the professional or amateur historians in our midst who want to dive deeply into these resources.

And the best thing? This museum is free to the public! So check it out—there are events, new displays, guided tours, and festivals happening on a regular basis. There’s something everyone in your family can enjoy, and it’s a great way to get into the history of our thriving city.

For more info: www.cspm.org