The Colorado Springs Conservatory

If you’re interested in having your children learn more about the performing arts—including musical instruments, singing, and theater, then Colorado Springs has excellent talent at your disposal. While many here in the area are aware of the Colorado Springs Conservatory, some may not be. So we thought we’d highlight this extraordinary organization, because they are doing so much for the youth in Colorado.

The Colorado Springs Conservatory has been around since 1994. It’s Pike Peak’s only performing arts conservatory. At the conservatory, students can take all kinds of lessons—from instrumental music to vocals, musical theater to dramatic studies, film scoring and composition to dance and opera.

The conservatory’s goal is to help children who want to pursue a career in the arts have high quality training, and it also wants to enrich children’s lives no matter what career they end up pursuing through gaining self-confidence, collaborative abilities, and an appreciation for the arts. No matter a child’s end career goal, learning about the arts can help them with their grades, learn more self-discipline, and learn more about themselves so they can express themselves effectively in the world.

The Colorado Springs Conservatory holds a lot of different programs that happen in various schools in the region, and they also have a main campus in Downtown Colorado Springs. They also hold events, concerts, and performances.

If you or your child are interested, check it out! We really don’t want anyone to miss out on embarking on creative endeavors that could enhance their lives as they grow up. So we thought we’d spread the word about this amazing place…

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