Colorado Outdoors Adventures You’ve Got to Try at Least Once

So maybe you’ve recently moved to Colorado Springs or you’re still wondering what the area has to offer. Chances are, you know that it’s a great outdoors place, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly what that means outside of the obvious choice of hiking. And while hiking is great, there are also a ton of other outdoor activities to try out.

So be a little adventurous and try at least one of these outdoor adventures while you’re living here in the Centennial State. You just might find your new favorite hobby.

White Water River Rafting

While Colorado is definitely landlocked, it boasts a number of beautiful rivers that offer some really exciting, fun water adventures. Rafting is always nice because it’s a team effort, and you can get a rafting guide to help you navigate rapids at a variety of levels so you only have to challenge yourself as much as you want. So if you’re interested in getting in more water time while exploring Colorado, this is a sure way to do so!

Rock Climbing

There are a bunch of people here in Colorado who are obsessed with rock climbing. And while it may seem intimidating at first glance, if you can find a beginners class or someone to take you for the first time, you may be surprised at how fun rock climbing truly is. You get to challenge yourself both physically and mentally as you learn to scale up the side of a rock in beautiful places like Garden of the Gods. Look into it. You just may get hooked.

Mountain Biking

Biking isn’t just all about traveling along paved roads and highways. Mountain biking takes it to another level as you learn to navigate rough terrain and trails up on steeper inclines that test your courage and bring a fun adrenaline rush. There are a number of mountain biking groups and classes to help beginners start out in the area, so don’t let not knowing anyone who does it stop you!

Backpacking & Camping

Sure, you may have done community camping before in big camping areas—but imagine really getting to hike into the mountains with just a few friends for some more remote camping! Coloradans love doing this kind of camping. Again, you can hire guides to help you out, so don’t let anything stop you from trying out a harder form of camping. (REI is a great resource for all your questions about camping, and they offer lots of guided adventures for beginners or people wanting to have experts help them out the first few times.)