Color Tips For Your New Home

If you’re looking for a new color to decorate your living room, a piece of furniture, or something else fun in your new home, we know it’s always hard to choose the right one.  You want something classic that’s still going to be trendy, modern, and not scream 1960—and the task of choosing between of hundreds and hundreds of colors can be overwhelming.

If that sounds like a headache to you, then we have a color decorating tip for you. Every year, Sherwin-Williams announces a color that is going to be the hallmark color of the year. In 2018, Sherwin-Williams has announced that the color of the year is going to be…drum roll, please….Oceanside SW 6496!

This color is described as a ”complex, deep” color that is both familiar yet unknown. It’s an amazing mixture of blues and greens, and it will inspire countless different kinds of feelings or moods depending on how you apply it in your home. You can find out more about the color Oceanside SW 6496 here on Sherwin-Williams’ website.

For other color inspiration for your new home—or if you’re remodeling or just wanting a new look to a current abode—check out Sherwin-Williams’ Color Inspiration section on their website for color ideas. They have a variety of colors featured in different areas of the home like the bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc. You can look at rooms by color scheme and get ideas about your own living areas. You can find the Color Inspiration section here on their website.

Hopefully, these color tips can give you that spark needed to make the next room or statement piece truly stand out.