Christmas Event – Simpich Museum/Play

Have you ever been to a marionette puppet production? While it may sound like an archaic idea, the tradition of high quality, European-like puppet productions is thriving in Old Colorado City! And we bet you had no idea! If the idea intrigues you, you need to check out the Simpich Christmas Marionette Performance during this holiday season, which is held by the Simpich Character Doll Museum in Old Colorado Springs.

The Simpich Character Doll company, run by Jan and Bob Simpich, operated out of Old Colorado City for over 30 years, and they were world-renowned for the handmade figures they crafted that were sent to all corners of the globe. After 54 years of production, Bob and Jan Simpich needed to retire in 2007, but they preserved every single doll they had in their possession in a special museum in Old Colorado City.

The Simpich Character Doll Museum has the largest collection of handmade puppets and dolls in existence, and it’s right here in Colorado Springs. They have over 50 exhibits that highlight beautiful scenes and characters from decades of Bob and Jan’s theater work. It’s well worth checking out for the artistry of these puppets and dolls, and it’s a museum that brings the magic of theater, play, and art to life for the young and old.

You can always enjoy the historic legacy of this museum, but don’t miss out on the museum’s exquisite theater productions using these beautiful masterpieces. The museum has high quality productions throughout the year–but the magical charm is even better during their special Christmas production. Their Christmas play this year is called “The Puppet Maker,” and it’s something that you and your kids alike will enjoy as intricately crafted puppets come to life on a beautiful stage to honor and celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

The Simpich Character Doll Museum is something very historic and unique to the Pikes Peak Region that we hope you check out! Let us know if you do so, because we’d love to hear what you think.

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