Attend The Annual Labor Day Weekend Balloon Festival

What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend this year? If you haven’t heard of the annual Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off yet, then this is your chance to explore one of the region’s premier balloon festivals!

This balloon festival has been happening for over 40 years, and it’s full of fun events and activities centered around ballooning. Over 70 colorful and creatively shaped balloons participate each year—making it a spectacular event. Kids will love getting to see the balloons gradually fill with air, become larger than life, and lift off into the sky. (And it’s pretty fun for adults to watch, too!)

Held at Memorial Park near Lake Prospect, Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off has some really fun events happening around the ballooning, too. For example, they have live bands, events like chainsaw carving and donut eating competitions, and lake activities like paddle boarding and wakeboarding. You can even pay for a balloon ride if you’d like!

One of the highlights is the Lift Off and Glow, which happens at night. As the balloons lift off into the sky for the evening, they give off a beautiful, radiant glow in the fading dusk of the night sky. It’s a truly magical experience for everyone watching.

As you can see, this is one event you shouldn’t miss! It’s also something to think about now and plan ahead for because it can get crowded, so come early to the scheduled events and you’ll get the best experience. Attending the event is entirely free.

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