We Are #7 on PropertySpark’s Top 100 Real Estate Teams on Social Media in 2018

We’re super excited to let all of you know that the Monica Shea Real Estate Team just got #7 out of the Top 100 Real Estate Teams on Social Media in 2018!

PropertySpark, a leading social media company that works closely with realtors to ensure that they’re making the most out of social media, put this list together. They looked into hundreds and hundreds of real estate teams to see which ones were really making a mark on their communities through effective social media engagement, and we stood out to them for our exceptional service.

The Monica Shea Real Estate Team is really excited and proud to be on this list with a lot of other great real estate companies. We’ve always been really convinced that the more we offer meaningful, helpful content to our customers, the more impact we can have on Colorado Springs—both in real estate and outside of it. We do this is three main ways:

We really strive to educate our community on events and market awareness. We believe that Colorado Springs is one of the best cities in Colorado, and we’re committed to highlighting everything that this city has to offer—from events and places to check out, as well as informing potential buyers on the market they’re entering into here in the region.

We support local businesses through mailers offering promotions. We love connecting our customers to excellent businesses that can make their lives as homeowners, families, and citizens a little easier. We have so many amazing businesses in the area, so we actively look to promote those businesses and get the word out.

We believe in giving back to our city in meaningful ways. We do fundraisers for various charities across Colorado Springs, including the one we did in February for the Humane Society of Pikes Peak. With our wonderful customers helping out, we were able to donate items to this local animal shelter and make a difference!

Those are just a few ways we really like to use social media and other various ways to connect with our clients. Without your support, none of this would be possible! We thank you so much, and we’ll continue to offer ways to connect to this amazing region of Colorado.